5 Tips for choosing your bridal makeup artist…

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions in life. So much planning and detail goes into it and although it can be appealing to cut costs on elements like makeup, hair etc… just remember you will be photographed more than any other day and you want to feel your best.

A professional artist will be able to ensure that not only does your makeup look Flawless in photographs but real life too!

You are unique and a professional should be able to bring out your best features, compliment your skin type and their application will ensure longevity.

Here’s my 5 tips on choosing someone right for you!

1. What level of expertise do you feel is right for you?

When choosing a makeup artist try to research how long they have in the industry-how much experience they have of doing brides, do they have various looks in their portfolio or does everyone look the same? If the artist your looking at only does special effects or ultra glam / bare faced beauty makeup looks will they suit the bridal look you want to achieve?

Have they gained recognition for their work? All these things should give you a feel for the artist and will accurately reflect their prices.

Are they professional? … your wedding day is a big deal? You need someone with trusted reviews, and a good reputation who answers your questions with confidence and is reliable.

2: Next-have a trial before the day! You may book based on reviews and work you’ve seen but I’d still always recommend a trial to ensure the look is perfect for YOU.

3: Find someone you like as a person! On the wedding morning you will want to feel as relaxed as possible, and the company you share your morning with should contribute to this! You want someone you can relax around, not feel self concious or vulnerable around, someone who knows whether your in the mood to chat or whether you’d just like peace and quiet in the makeup chair etc. A professional will gauge this and should be unobtrusive making your morning a nicer experience.

4: Think about why their prices are set as they are. If you have a budget in mind it’s absolutely understandable to want to keep to it.

The price of an artist usually reflects experience,quality of products used, customer service and accolades. Is this the artists business or a sideline? All of this will reflect in the level of pricing as this is why prices can vary hugely within a location.

5: Don’t leave it too late to book the artist you want! Up to 18 months prior to the wedding is not too early! Busy makeup artists can often get booked up months in advance especially on peak popular dates. In saying that, it’s always worth asking about availability short notice too in case of cancellations or the chance they have the date free!