Beauty on a budget

Admittedly, like a lot of women, I have expensive taste…unfortunately not the bank balance to satisfy that! Everytime I flick through a magazine & see something I LOVE, I can guarantee it’ll also be the most expensive…
Again like most women, I do love a bargain! When it comes to beauty, the majority of the time I’ve found that you may have to spend a bit more to get the best quality, usually because more research goes into these products & better quality (organic, collagen etc) ingredients are used.
However…. Now and then there’s a few little gems that are brilliant and kind to our wallets.

See below for a few of my favourite beauty bargains 🙂

Elf cosmetics… Eyes.lips.face is a great make up brand with unbelievably good prices, and even better news is that they recently opened the 1st UK store in Cardiff!

I popped in and for my job it’s great for essentials like brush shampoo, disposable mascara wands and wipes etc. I thought I’d also try a couple of other items of make up. I fancied some sparkly eye shadows for the party season so purchased 3 pots of long lasting lustrous eyeshadow at £3.75 each! The consistency is a bit jelly like to touch but once warmed goes on the skin really creamy and smooth and doesn’t leave any creases.
Usually with cheaper eyeshadows you don’t get a good pigment, but I was really impressed with these colours. I love the shades I chose too, and actually ended up using all 3 together for a photo shoot.
While I was there I also picked up a few Christmas pressies including the baked blusher which looked lovely.
The shop is fun & welcoming and I would recommend anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on make up to go and have a look.
I think the brand is particularly ideal for teenagers starting outs with make up & cosmetics.




Aldi… yes Aldi! No joke, the face cream is one of the nicest I’ve used, and whilst I still adore my Elemis products this is now a firm favourite for me. It’s lovely and moisturising, yet light and not greasy or heavily perfumed. It comes in a glass pot & box, and is unbelievably priced at £1.99! They also do night/eye creams and serums in this range. So worth going there just for these!


St Moritz fake tan. Thanks pretty much available everywhere now….chemists, tesco, bargain stores etc. the mousse is really easy to apply and dries quickly. It has a guide colour and once washed off its not orange at all, and is nice & even. The tan may not be organic, paraben free etc but it’s great for a quick fix, and I honestly prefer it’s finish to the original St Tropez.


Argan oil shampoo & conditioner. I’ve seen this in chemists around, but when popping into BM bargains to get my washing powder & cleaning bits, I picked these up. Admittedly, I’ve never been that fussy with hair products (perhaps I should be?!) but as long as my hair is clean and I can get a brush through it, then I’m happy. I’ve tried the most expensive Moroccan oil, but in all honesty I didn’t notice any difference to the condition of my hair, even though I know a lot of people swear by it. These have been making my hair really manageable and soft, and smell great without smelling like cheap chemicals.


Im not saying that these products are the best…no, they may not use the highest quality ingredients or be organic etc, but they’re great for using without spending much.
Prioritise what beauty products you feel you want to spend more/less on to create a happy balance because there’s plenty you choice out there. For me I’d rather spend on decent make up, and nail products than I would tan or hair products, because I rarely tan, and I’m lucky my hair is fairly strong/shiny without doing much to it. Each to their own!
If anyone knows of any more great quality bargains, feel free to comment, tweet or email to share 🙂