Eyes before base?


Avoiding this! …

I get asked a lot, why I do eyes before base when applying clients makeup. theres no right or wrong way I think it just depends how you like to work, however here’s my advantages to doing your eye makeup before base…

Im messy! I’m sure you all know what I mean if your creating a super smokey intense eye, the shadow DROPS! Then you try dusting away post beautiful base, and before you know it you have muddy streaks underneath and you have to wipe it away and touch up your concealer….save yourself the effort, let it get messy and blend away before removing and then creating a gorgeous base around your smokes.

When you ‘clean up’ under the eye use a cotton bud (or pad if your really messy!) and pop some lightweight (not too greasy or thick) moisturiser on, being cautious for it not to get in your eye and remove it with that. Not only does this take away any excess but also keeps your under eye area hydrated which is usually much needed and avoids makeup settling into any dry area and fine lines.

another BIG reason I like to do eyes first is because I always cleanse and prep my clients skin well. I personally like to allow these products to be absorbed by the skin for a little while before adding foundation etc, as I find it can be key to a long lasting smooth base.

Finally from my point of view working on others, I do tend to rest on people’s faces (which you do get taught not to) but it’s just the way I work so I can blend well etc, so it would only ‘move the foundation’ if I did base first.


I will warn you, and I often say you can look a bit scary doing eyes before base especially if like me your pale, and have nice dark circles under the eye, but once your base is added you’ll feel super glam again!