Highlighting – (the clue is in the title!)

Just a quick post, after stumbling across a random Instagram makeup account, there was a lovely image of a client with a deep blue smoky eye, and side on quite a bit of highlight…but this highlight wasn’t flattering on the clients skin…the clue is in the title…Highlighter, Highlights…


Probably one of the most over used products on the market, highlighter is hugeee! However, in my opinion highlighter looks its best when giving a healthy beautiful, sexy glow to the skin and to enhance the best bits on our faces. Here’s a few pointers on making highlighter beautiful, instead of OTT and sweaty looking!

  1. As I’ve said, the clue is in the title! Just because you’ve seen ‘where to’ highlight tutorials all over the internet, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. I don’t like my conker of a nose with its bump in the middle and high bridge. Ill live with it but I wont highlight it! Got spot prone skin or acne scarring on your cheeks? Then remember highlighting the area will only enhance and highlight the bumpy or scarred skin. Same goes for under the brow – If your brows need a tidy, don’t place the highlighter under them because the internet told you to – it’ll only enhance the fact they may need a tidy up! Same goes for lines/wrinkles, a bit of fluff on the top lip etc.  On the other hand – if you quite like a feature or area – then sweep a touch of highlight over it ! Anything you want to enhance on the skin – highlighter can do! When in doubt, you can never go wrong on any skin type or age with a touch to open up the inner corners of the eyes. Aim for the little well area between the eye and the nose. Just remember not to over do it…
  2. Go easy – My rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t necessarily see highlighter when applying it from every angle! I like it when someone moves and the change in light really picks up the beautiful glow and makes someone look radiant and gorgeous…seeing it from every angle and seeing it as a stripe on the cheek bone is NOT the best look. (on that note – blend well!)
  3. stay away from frosty highlighters …unless its for the inner corners of the eyes. I really find this trend of excessive SILVER/WHITE highlight a little scary. For a more beautiful sexy look, opt for champagnes,  soft light pinks, rose gold or gold tones to flatter the skin.  This will also give a subtle sunkissed look which I’m sure most would prefer to the frosty the snowman look 😉


Below are 2 examples of how highlighter can differ…I know which one I prefer…Ill leave you decide on your preference!