Magic in a pot…. Sensual skin enhancer

Ever so slightly delayed given my job, but I finally got round to purchasing Kevyn Aucoin’s sensual skin enhancer.
For those who haven’t heard of him or the product, Kevyn Aucoin was an iconic makeup artist …one of the greats! He developed his own line of makeup, including his best sellers – candlelight powder, and sensual skin enhancer.
Sensual skin enhancer, literally gives you new skin! When it arrived I couldn’t believe how teeny the pot is….and at £36 you hope it is going to be as good as they say! …the good news is- it is!

Sensual skin enhancer can be used as the best concealer ever….or can be used to create a full coverage flawless face. It could also be used if your into the contour craze at the moment to create strong definition (you’d need around 2 shades darker than your foundation for this though)

I chose shade sx10 from the Internet, which looks fine in the pic but given its Baltic and I’m pale, I think a shade lighter would’ve suited me better.
You literally have to touch the product with your fingertip and you have enough to cover all you blemishes…it’s that heavy duty.
For a full face coverage, it can be slightly harder to blend and you need a bit of patience to do it,but for a flawless base it is amazing. Concentrate on one area at a time because it dries pretty fast. For less coverage and more ‘slip’ you could add your moisturiser to a bit on the back of your hand, mix well and then use as a foundation.
Don’t be fooled by the size of the pot…this will last you ages because you only need very small amounts.
I was however surprised to see the first ingredient in the product (which if listed first means there’s a lot of it in the product) was mineral oil…..often seen as the devil in regards to causing breakouts for some people) So if you have acne or oily skin I would probably suggest that this wouldn’t be ideal on a daily basis…occasionally for great coverage would be fine.
Anyway….here’s a terrible pic of me but it does illustrate the amazing coverage of the product. (I have added a tiny bit of blush in the right pic but that is it.) I have got a breakout going on at the moment so it was an ideal time to test it…