Mama cleanse routine

I thought I’d write a super quick post on skincare aimed at tired busy Mums, hence a Mama cleanse routine post!

Often when I make people up & ask about a skincare routine, mums or not… I hear the dreaded “I just use a wet wipe” (every makeup artist/ beauty therapist’s nightmare!)



I do get it, I’m often wiped by 6pm and being a mum your not often too self indulgent in the day to day routine. When Erin was little and I was especially exhausted (although still am with the amount she talks!) I would pop her in the bath and start my cleanse routine while in the bathroom with her as she was playing with her bath toys.  She would find my ‘batman’ eyes (melted mascara pre wipe)  hysterical so I was doubled up as entertainment too!

This way, by the time I wanted to chill, I’d just have my shower and head to bed without having to think about it.

Mum or not, I always recommend a double cleanse, even if you think you haven’t got much makeup or ‘grime’ on your skin, you’ll be surprised, and 2 cleanses will really only do the trick!

Here’s my go to cleanse routine which won’t take long….

1. Remove makeup and grime…. forget cotton pads for cleanser, you’ll waste so much product, just have a blob in your hand and work into your skin, then a good ‘ol fashioned flannel in hot water to remove, swill flannel and repeat. (Double cleanse)  *Try and have a new flannel each day-they are only cheap in places like dunelm and you can get the mitt style even better !

2. Use a refreshing toner ….I’ve always been on the fence r.e toners as a lot are just nice smelling water which don’t do much else, but I’m in LOVE with pixi glow tonic, it’s got a small amount of glycolic  acid, working as an exfoliater and it instantly brightens the skin…use it for 2 weeks and you’ll be hooked!

3. Apply serum/eye cream if you wish!

4.moisturise and lip balm.

…And just like that you’ll be feeling drab to fab and you can pretend you’ve had a nice relaxing facial in a spa…  (while barbie’s are being flung around the bathroom and all the shampoo is poured into the water)


we can but dream…. But at least your skin will be properly cleansed…no more wet wipes!