Miss Manga Mascara by Loreal

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The latest Mascara from Loreal seems to be getting a lot of press and they’ve advertised it geared towards the younger market for a flirty wide eyed look. The mascara’s fun packaging with a cartoon character almost looks like a Japanese style brand (think along the lines of Hello Kitty with a more grown up twist)

I thought I’d give this mascara a go as I rarely spend more than £10-12 on a mascara,as I like to change them regularly & don’t feel the need to spend a fortune when there’s so many great mascara’s available their resources at this price point. I’d rather invest more in skincare or foundation etc.

Miss Manga promises “mega volume” with it’s 360 degree brush that coats every lash from top to bottom.

It definitely does what it says on the tin. The clever shaped brush is great because it is wide at the bottom & narrow at the top meaning you can get the lashes on the inner corner of your eye with ease and less chance of smudging your mascara. Using the narrow tip vertically is also a great way of coating your bottom lashes.
If you want volume this is a great ‘go to’ mascara, however be warned if you prefer a fluttery natural look this probably isn’t for you. If you put too much on this will thicken your lashes a lot and possibly look clumpy, although this is sort of the way they are advertising this anyway.
My only criticism is that the brush shape is great but the bristles have almost flattened and lost they’re shape quite quickly.
Otherwise for big fat lashes and a glam wide eyes look, this is a great mascara! For the more daring they also do violet & turquoise colours….(takes me back to the days of bright blue & pink Rimmel mascara in school! 😉