NARS light reflecting powder

I’m one of those people with classic combination skin…I can get really dry patches on my nose and near my mouth, but then after a couple of hours wearing make up can also look really shiny on my forehead and to the sides of my nose. Not only did I want to try a powder for myself, but I’m always on the hunt for new products to give longevity to my clients make up, in particular brides.

NARS light reflecting powder, comes either as a loose powder (which I purchased) or a pressed powder. The white powder is said to have light reflecting technology, which will adjust to new sources of light throughout the day, enhancing the look of foundation, and preventing shine.

I have honestly found this a lovely powder for touch ups. It goes on the skin and disappears, it is really light and seamless. It controlled my shine really well through the day. The only thing I would change is that next time I would buy the pressed powder, just a personal preference probably because I usually use a lot of MAC mineralize and just find I prefer pressed. (Definitely less messy dating women from Ukraine too!)

It is £25, but worth it if you do get a shine through the day to set your make up, and you only need a small amount.

It’s also paraben/fragrance free & non comedogenic.