Super smoothie

So I’ve recently jumped on the smoothie bandwagon. I’ve had a bit of a wake up call with wanting to try and be as healthy as possible after drinking way too much wine and not watching what I’ve eaten over the last year (hence I’ve also piled it on!) and I genuinely am not interested in any fads or following a certain diet …I want to lose weight but more than anything I just want to feel good again. I struggle to get in enough iron, fibre and general good stuff so have found smoothies a quick and easy way of getting it in! I thought I’d share my current favourite which I basically copied from the one they have started in waitrose cafe 😉


I’ve found it so easy buying frozen fruit in tesco and then freezing a big bag of spinach, there’s really no excuse not to do it.

So this refreshing smoothie with an optional kick includes:

-A big handful of spinach

-frozen pineapple chunks

-A small corked apple

– a squirt of ‘lazy’ ginger paste

-water (around 100ml, just add until it’s the right consistency for you!)

-mix of Chia, pumpkin and golden linseed seeds!


with the seeds, I have a mason jar and have them all mixed together so can just add a big spoonful to a smoothie or morning porridge without much faff!

If the thought of spinach isn’t appealing don’t worry- you can’t taste it at all!

I add the seeds so I’m getting a good source of iron and fibre as I’m personally low in both and I don’t  eat huge amounts of meat so am trying to get it elsewhere where possible!

Im no nutritional expert of course but I like to think it’s a healthy quick way of getting some vitamins & good stuff (yes I know fruit has natural sugars but I’m doing it for health and not cutting out fruit or carbs)

Looks a bit gross once blended  but tastes good and is really refreshing!