Taking a break…

The past year has been spent doing a lot of reflecting and a lot of procrastinating over what makes me happy… When I had my daughter it was perfect for me to work weekends and be at home with her during the week. Now she is growing up far too quickly, I don’t want to miss out on quality time with her. Being a makeup artist is such a lovely job, getting to help people on one of the most important days of their lives is such a lovely feeling and giving women the confidence they deserve!

However, when you choose to focus on it full time it requires a LOT of pre planning your life. When you decide to take wedding bookings you absolutely have to commit to them whether it is 3 months in advance or 2 years.  Quite often this means scheduling family holidays & activities around weddings and not being able to make social gatherings. Over the past 6 years of being freelance I have prided myself on my reliability. In all that time I have only ever had to cancel 1 bride due to another commitment I couldn’t miss and I hated having to do that but gave as much notice as possible.

When my sister passed away even in the  horrible fog of the first week, myself and my husband rallied to find other people who could step in and fortunately only 1 bride (as i had a lot due to it being wedding season in August) decided she would do her own makeup and totally understood. Everyone else we found a replacement for. I even did weddings before her funeral with a house full of 13 at home, and the day before the funeral myself and my other sister Katie who is a hairdresser did a wedding together during which we had a phone call saying my nan had also passed away. We STILL carried on that wedding alebit holding the tears back but trying our best to stay positive for the bridal party to enjoy their morning….THAT is the level of commitment needed when you promise to do a wedding.


The point of this post? Well, I now need a little change…I am at a point where I don’t want to commit so much of the year to weddings and have decided that I wont be taking on any further wedding bookings or workshops etc for 2019 in the UK focusing on less bookings but in Mallorca where my Dad lives and limiting any more bookings for this year. I am also setting up a new venture (non makeup related) which I am hoping works as a bit of change in direction. This will hopefully enable me to have more flexibility with regards to life with my family.


I am still 100% committed to the bookings I have in, so please do not worry if you are booked in with me already. I will still be totally focused on doing the best job I can. I am also still happy to take on occasion makeup bookings and offer bio sculpture gel nails during weekdays so still contact me via all the usual ways. I just wont be focusing on the makeup in a full time capacity so much now… who knows I may totally hate the change and be filling up 2020 but for the meantime if I don’t try a  change I will never know…

Thank you to everyone as always for all the lovely support with my business.

Charlotte xx