The lash effect

Lashes…. People usually love them or loathe them. From my experience, people usually dislike them as they haven’t found the right ones. The ‘false’ lash look from influences like TOWIE etc can often put people off. Get it right and lashes can open up the eye and create a natural fluttery look or a dramatic glamorous look.
Different ‘types’ of lashes can be used to create different looks even when the rest of your make up is left quite simple.
My top tip whatever lashes you decide to choose would be avoid the strip lashes that are too perfect. By that I mean all exactly the same length. You know, the really thick black shiny ones?…not a great look, and so heavy your eyes will look closed and draw them down…not the look you want to achieve.
Other things to remember…
*Curl your own lashes first and add a touch of mascara so they blend nicely with the false lashes.
*Measure & trim the false lashes (if applying strips) before applying them
*Don’t leave the false lash longer than your lash line…if anything trim them slightly shorter. If they’re left too long they will drag your eye down instead of opening them up.
*Careful not to use too much glue as it won’t dry effectively. Less is more-once you put the glue on the false lash give it a few seconds to start setting before putting on your lash line.

Below shows the different effects lashes can give keeping the rest of the make up the same.

This first look has no false lashes…just a small amount of mascara


Second look… A set of feathery natural looking ‘strip’ lashes


Third look…dramatic thicker strip lash


And finally individual lashes…they are so simple to apply, just get some tweezers, dip in glue and tip head back and place in line with other lashes. I used a mix of short and medium. Using slightly longer ones towards the outer edge of the eye really helps to open them up. These are great as they can be worn everyday or mascara can be added for a more full effect, and last about a week.



Lashes need to fit your eye to look great, so choose what you think will suit you best, then using a mirror underneath your eyes look up and check they blend nicely. Finally, any lashes look amazing with a smoky eye too…(another blog, another time 😉