The lipstick effect…

Ever treated yourself to a new (designer)lipstick or nail polish instead of buying the expensive handbag you had your eye on? Or what about going to the local salon and having a file & paint, brow shape or blow dry for an upcoming night out instead of buying that Karen millen dress because its just a bit pricey at the moment?
I know I have, and my friends….yep it’s the dubbed ‘lipstick effect’
The theory behind the lipstick effect is that in tough economic times, us ladies find comfort in treats like high end cosmetics because we want to indulge ourselves & feel good without breaking the bank. In fact, several studies have proven this even as far back as the Great Depression. In 2008 at the height of the economic doom & gloom, most companies were reporting rapid losses yet Loreal were one of the few who’s sales had risen…5.3% since the previous year.
Some journalists like to suggest that women are making more of an effort with their looks as a competitive tactic to bag a successful man as they are decreasing in the recession, to give us security. Personally I think that’s a little sexist to paint all of us who want to look good as greedy man eaters! I just think when we feel like we look good, we feel good…certainly not a bad thing! I know more women (and men) that go to the gym several times a week than ever before and it makes sense… Perhaps we can’t afford to spend all our wages on nights out every week anymore so the alternative is heading to the gym which may cost us £40 a month, to keep us occupied, healthy and ultimately looking better which is far more justified!
So next time your in debenhams, don’t feel too bad about spending £15 on that rep lippy…perhaps a couple of years ago it would have been more like £150 on a handbag! 😉