Tints & Tans

T I N T S  &  T A N S! 

Seeing as it’s tan Thursday for many people … 

If your having a tan and brows done for an occasion here’s some tips for what to do! 

✖️ BROWS BEFORE TAN! If you tan before a brow wax you’ll be left with white patches where the wax removes the tan. Another reason to have brows before tan if to ensure the brow tint doesn’t got patchy, discoloured or uneven. 

✖️Leave 24 hours between brows and a tan. This will ensure no irritation occurs and will avoid tan depositing more on a freshly waxed area looking uneven. 

✖️ Barrier- Apply Vaseline to your brows when you have a tan to avoid them having an orange tint! 🍊