Tip Top Nails

Just a short post, with tips for keeping your nails in ‘tip top’ condition!

“Treat your nails like jewels, not tools!”
….the above should be your golden rule! Avoid damage and look after your nails…so no peeling labels with them, scraping stickers or picking at things with them 😉

Wear rubber gloves! I’m not saying, once you’ve had your nails done, you should be having a shower with your marigolds on (yes I have been asked this previously!) or even to wash the dishes all the time. However, if your using known irritants like bleach, or lime scale remover, turps etc then please wear gloves! Your skin could do without these harsh chemicals, & so could your enhancements. Your manicure, or gels will last longer, look better and your skin won’t be irritated, therefore looking softer (better!)

Cuticle oil!…this is the No. 1 product for your nails! It’s brilliant…and what’s more, inexpensive. Not only is it a great moisturiser for dry skin and cuticles, it also contains plenty of goodness to help promote nail growth and keep them strong and healthy. If you use oil regularly and massage it in at the base of your nail around the cuticle then this will stimulate the cells at the bed of your nail, and promote healthy new growth. Using oil when wearing gel will also help keep the on longer. The oil will help keep your gel flexible and therefore ‘flex’ with your nails in general day to day use, avoiding friction between dry cuticles and the gel (causing lifting)
I love Biosculpture cuticle oil, and OPI avoplex pen. If you have coconut oil at home to cook with, this is also really good as a cuticle oil! Keep some by your bed, and pop some on before bed. Once or twice a day is ideal….(but less is still better than not at all!)

Long nails aren’t always great….letting your nails grow too long can mean they’re much more likely to suffer bad breakages…(ouch!) nails naturally want to break when they reach a certain length, so your nails will be far healthier and stronger if you keep then at a manageable length, and look neater too because they will all stay the same length!

Always wear a base coat…there are tons of great base coats on the market, but whether your wearing polish over the top or not I’d always recommend you wearing one. They help protect your nails, & have proteins in them to help strengthen them. There are various ones available depending on your specific nail type, and if you can’t have (or don’t want) shiny nails, OPI do a matte finish one …also ideal for men!

Top coat is a must if you want your nail polish to last longer without chips. Top coat seals in colour and keep your nails looking glossy.

NEVER peel off your gels/enhancements. I constantly hear people saying ‘gel/acrylic’ ruined my nails…90% of the time it’s not the poor product to blame, it’s bad removal or peeling them off. Peeling will take a layer or two of your nails off with the enhancements and therefore leave them dry, rough and weak. Try to get them removed with a professional or if you can’t then soak them in artificial nail remover for a good 20 mins (acrylic will probably require longer) until the product is coming off without ‘pulling’ then use a very gently buffer to remove residue off the nail, wash hands, apply a good base coat, plenty of cuticle oil and a blob of hand cream.

Lastly, think of your visit to the dentist…you need regular check ups & maintain your teeth by brushing/flossing them at home. If you want to achieve nice nails/skin/hair then use the same ethos for them. Return when needed to see a professional, and use the recommended products at home.

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